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Hello All,


I'm having a frustrating issue with Azure DevOps and DevTest Labs following these instructions: Use DevTest Labs in Azure Pipelines build and release pipelines - Azure DevTest Labs | Microsoft Lea...

Firstly, the instructions are inaccurate when it says to create a DevTest Build piepline select ASP.NET Core Template but highlights the ASP.NET template instead. I made sure to choose the .NET Core template to get past that. Ever since, I've hit a snag at the Azure DevTest Labs Create Environment task with the current error being:


Agent job 1
1 error(s), 6 warning(s)
Long running operation failed with error: "Template validation failed with code InvalidTemplate and message Deployment template validation failed: 'The value for the template parameter 'Database Administrator Login' at line '7' and column '41' is not provided. Please see for usage details.'. Details: null.".Any help on how to scale past all three highlighted tasks bedore the Test Assembly task will be appreciated.



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