Creston TSW-770 Device Unresgistering in AAD

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I am currently seeing a curious situation where a Crestron TSW-770 Panel registers to the Azure AD as a device, then unregisters after approx. 20-30 seconds.  There is a CAP in places that allows the TSW-770 to bypass ALL restrictions that are currently in place (e.g. approved app, MFA etc etc).  We have 31 of these already working, but we have a stubborn 5 that behave this way:


The output of this means the Panel is unable to show any Calendar data or provide any calendar functions for the room it is assigned with (e.g. book the room).


Does anyone have any insight/help on this?  I will also post in the Azure AD Community as well as it kind of spans two camps!



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@pdcisilion Did you ever find a solution? I am having a similar issue, with Microsoft and Crestron support just pointing fingers.