Credit Card required for Subscription?

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I would like to use Azure for development work using Visual Studio and would like to test out the use of Azure for the uploading of documents. I have opened up a free trial account on Azure and it appears that the only way to use it is for me to create a subscription. It appears that the only way I can do this is to enter my Credit Card information which I'm reluctant to do.

Is this true even for a 'free trial'?

How can I try out the Azure system without entering my Credit Card details?

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Hi tonyh5545,

you can check out the Azure Free Account – includes 1 year of free services and a $200 credit for the 1st month. you can use this opportunity to explore the Azure

@Santhakumar M 

Thank you for the above information.

I must be doing something wrong because when I try to subscribe to the 'free' option it asks me for my credit card information or am I looking in the wrong place?