Could a blockchain be actualized without bitcoin?

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Can a blockchain data structure be implemented without the need of a currency?


My idea is to store cryptographic public keys in a distributed and incorruptible data structure. The need is to get the cryptographic public key associated with an identifier and to be sure that the key is really associated with this identifier. Though there is no guarantee without a certification authority or WoT the idea is to be sure that the key obtained was the first published in the data structure with the identifier and was not overwritten by a malicious node.


So if we have an identifier I can get a cryptographic public key and be sure that it was the first key published with this identifier.


I first though of a DHT but a data can be easily overwritten by the node storing the key.

So I thought of a blockchain data structure for its property of being secure against corruption.

Does a DHT can be used for that purpose? And how? Can a blockchain be used for that purpose and without the currency involved? Another data structure?

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