Code Coverage Report Seems Broken Like Without CSS

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I have a pipeline to connect with databricks & run the databricks notebooks under databricks github repo for unit testing using pytest library. So, Pytest command should execute the notebooks to generate the test results & code coverage.

My pipeline was running on a self-hosted agent pool where docker containers are working on the execution. I have installed pre necessary software's & libraries with the docker image and deployed on top of containers.

Below are the exact lines written on YML file,

script: |
    pip install pytest pytest-azurepipelines pytest-cov opencensus opencensus-ext-azure
    pip install -U databricks-connect==9.1.*
    pip install databricks-cli
   apt-get update && apt-get install -y junit cobertura
    export DATABRICKS_HOST=$(Databricks_URL)
    export DATABRICKS_TOKEN=$(Databricks_Temp_Token)
  displayName'Load Python dependencies'
- checkout: self
persistCredentials: true
clean: true 
script: |
    python -m pytest --junit-xml=$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/logs/TEST-LOCAL.xml --report-dir=$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/logs/ --cov=$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/tests/ --cov-report=html:$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/logs/ $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/tests/test_*.py --no-coverage-upload


If I run the Pytest command without --no-coverage-upload option, MS agent doesn't throw any error. It was generated code coverage with proper styling. But with self hosted agent, it throws below error,

##[error]Unable to process command '##vso[codecoverage.publish codecoveragetool=Cobertura;summaryfile=/agent_works/ado_agent_wrk-nYQREz/ado_agent_wrk-nYQuVz/1/s/coverage.xml;reportdirectory=/agent_works/ado_agent_wrk-nYQREz/ado_agent_wrk-nYQREz/1/s/logs;]' successfully. Please reference documentation (

##[error]File '/agent_works/ado_agent_wrk-nYQREz/ado_agent_wrk-nYQREz/1/s/coverage.xml' does not exist or is not accessible.

 So, I have added --no-coverage-upload option to resolve the above issue. But once pytest generated the code coverage report successfully (with index.html, style.css, everything), it is not getting loaded with proper styling even though i pointed correct report directory location while publish code coverage. It looks like below,

 I am bit confused what needs to be done from self hosted agent side since it's working fine on MS agents? I hope avoiding --no-coverage-upload will fix this issue. But avoid that will make an issue as i mentioned.

Is Azure blocking the CSS generated by pytest on source repository ? Is --no-coverage-upload required for self-hosted agent to generate code coverage report ? Why CSS is not getting reflected in coverage report even i can able to view the css through yml scripts ? How to overcome this css broken issue ? @admin
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@Narayanan-IND Were you able to resolve this issue? I get the same issue with pytest. It used to work just fine earlier