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Hi, i´m Juan Esteban Bedoya, from Medellín Colombia and COO Fundation Blockchain Colombia, and  am interested to know if there is some certified educational program from Microsoft  about Blockchain Tecnology

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We don't have a formal program yet. Blockchain Solutions running on Azure can use a lot of services outside of the Blockchain VMs - like KeyVault, IAAS, and Networking. I would use one of the existing Azure Certification programs as that would be a great starting point. I would then use the Blockchain offerings we have in Azure to build out POCs for building Smart Contracts.

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DApps HERMES SCL (Smart Contract Learning) 

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The Blockchain Foundation is committed to providing access to specific information on Blockchain technologies with the overall objective of training, educating and managing development environments for public procurement, THE BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM, to be promoted through the SMART CONTRACT COMPETITION program At the Latin American level through THE BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION, for the strengthening of the ecosystem actors of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES IN LATIN AMERICA.


HERMES SCL is a product developed by FUNDACION BLOCKCHAIN in the company of the ADSL Group, Cisco Gold Partner, Microsoft Partner Network, Asus Gold Partner, Dell Partner Direct. , And potential sponsors wishing to join the initiative. (CITI).


This development is focused on promoting the use of BLOCKCHAIN technologies, which allow the generation of a transactional traceability (accounting ledger, immutable registration over time) allowing large data solutions and advanced analysis to detect, prevent and prevent fraud And improper financial transactions, thus improving audit tools and techniques.
HERMES SCL Applies financial technology to end other illicit activities, such as nepotism, bribery and complicity in money laundering, tax evasion and the financing of terrorism.


In Colombia, the deadline for the adoption of anticorruption business ethics programs begins on March 31, 2017 in accordance with LAW 1778 of February 2016.


HERMES SCL will allow the implementation of the law in a scalable way based on the education of both Colombians and Latin American citizens in the anti-corruption program and ensure that procurement procedures are transparent, government contracts are awarded Fair and responsible manner.


Hermes SCL is a decentralized application based on BLOCKCHAIN, a product of the BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION, offered to all Latin America with the objective of creating a more accessible, worldwide and more trustworthy Internet.


The resources of this application are granted voluntarily by the governments and sponsors of the BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION.


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