Canceling Azure Subscription

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I am the administrator of my organization's O365 account. I would like to cancel the Azure subscriptions subscribed by one of the user. The user who subscribes to the Azure subscription is not an administrator.


When I click on the subscription name and select "Cancel subscription"; it says I do not have permission to cancel the subscription. (Refer to attached screenshot)

Shouldn't the administrator have global access to manage all subscriptions?

How do I cancel the subscription?


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you must assign owner role to your user



My user is the one who subscribes to the subscription.

But I am not able to cancel the subscription as an Administrator. Do I have to assign the role back to my self? I thought Administrator should already have global rights.


its more complex ^^ there is your tenant = azuread and Azure AD Roles .. above your tenant you maybe have an enterprise agreement... or an Microsoft Partner..

you can add Azure Subs to your Tenant and there you have Azure Ressource Roles (RBAC).. the highest role is onwer..