Build secure Oozie workflows in Azure HDInsight with Enterprise Security Package

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Customers love to use Hadoop and often rely on Oozie, a workflow and coordination scheduler for Hadoop to accelerate and ease their big data implementation. Oozie is integrated with the Hadoop stack, and it supports several types of Hadoop jobs. However, for users of Azure HDInsight with domain joined clusters, Oozie was not a supported option. To get around this limitation customers had to run Oozie on a regular cluster. This was costly with extra administrative overhead. Today we are happy to announce that customers can now use Oozie in domain-joined Hadoop clusters too.


In domain-joined clusters, authentication happens through Kerberos and fine-grained authorization is through Ranger policies. Oozie supports impersonation of users and a basic authorization model for workflow jobs.




Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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