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Hi all,


Do you know if there's any experience of using Blockchain&Azure for IP (Intellectual Property) initiatives, such as Digital Art, etc...



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Yes, there are several scenarios we've seen where customers want to use blockchain to track digital rights to content, such as music. Do you have any specific questions?
. I'm very interested in understanding about some experiences using Azure in the IP arena, (usually named "digital art"), with initiatives similar to ASCRIBE, COINTEMPORARY, etc... Please, could you provide me some info about that?

As you mention there are several companies working in this space. In terms of what you can do in Azure, you can easily spin up a single or multi-node blockchain network. If you are starting out I suggest using a single node network and building a DAPP (distributed application) with UX. For example, take a look at

Thanks for your help!! 

Would you recommend the smart contracting or txo model for tracking/provenance use cases such as licenses?

It depends on the scenario and what you're trying to build as an application or solution. Both options have their pros and cons.