Best way to get practical experience in Azure

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Hi everyone,


I want your opinion about how to get practical experience in MS Azure with low or in the best case no costs. Im interested in PowerShell, Exchange and administration but I'm also interested in new stuff.


What can you recommend? Are there any sandboxes just like in the ms certification lessions?


Drop everything that could be interesting.



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Hi @Schnittlauch ,


There are several options available:

  • Free account - you can create a free Azure account with a $200 credit for one month and many services free for up to one year. Check more details at Create your Azure free account today | Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Learn - free online learning for Azure (but many more products and platforms), you can choose either a Learning Path or individual modules. Many modules include a sandbox subscription in Azure you can use to execute specific tasks given to you (hands-on practice). Browse all - Learn | Microsoft Docs
  • Visual Studio benefits - if you happen to be a Visual Studio customer (have a subscription), there is a benefit of activating an Azure subscription with $150 credit (monthly but reseting every month). Visual Studio Subscription benefits (
  • You can check with your employer, if they have an Enterprise Agreement (or MCA) and can create a "corporate sandbox" subscription. This is typically a governed environment with some spend quota, but also a great way to learn.
  • For MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) there are sponsored subscription available. Of course it requires you become one :)


I'll focus on getting a MVP hahaha
But thanks for the feeback <3