Azure VPN Client - User error or possible bug?

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We have recently moved to Azure VPN Client using Azure AD Tenant login.


After installation everything works fine, users are able to connect, but if the user is for whatever reason logged out of the SSO/AD connection in Azure VPN Client. The user is not notified nor are they logged out or asked to log back in. The user simply cannot connect. 


The only viable solutions so far are to completely remove Azure VPN Client and reinstall , import and log back in or manually attempt to connect in Windows Settings App, this sometimes triggers the login prompt for users.


Is this a bug or a feature? If it is a feature how do we go about changing this?

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Hi Matthew,

this is neither a bug nor a feature I guess. I did not see any of this behavior before, and I recently did a project using the same solution. Can you give me some more details?

What protocol are you using?
What gateway are you using?
Do you have Azure MFA / Security Defaults / Conditional Access in place?
How is the profile being provisioned on the device? Do you use custom XML?