Azure VM hanging on boot up after patching

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Hi All 


I have been seeing and issue on Azure VM running Windows Server 2019 where the VM are patched over night and hang on boot up. This has been happening for the last few months. This is happening on different VM's each month. I have a case open with Microsoft support for 2 months but there is no solution yet, wonder if anyone else has been seeing this issue.  

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This is also happening in our Azure environment. Case open with MS support ... no solution. Were you ever able to resolve the issue?


Are you saying auto patching?


No never got an answer and it still happens to a few VM's each month and we have to manually reboot them if it happens. MS support seem to think its a issue with AV but was never able to provide details.

We use the same AV for hundreds of other server running in the our datacenters without any issue so no idea why it would only be effect Azure VM's.

No we use ConfigMgr for patching our servers.



We have had no luck yet either.

We are using auto patching with Ivanti EPM but it also occurs when servers are patched manually and rebooted from the Start menu.
Same thing here.
I am wondering if we have to deal with it or if someone have found something (MS don't)