Azure Virtual Desktop Use Case

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I am new to Azure and i wanted to launch a azure Virtual Desktop for my team and below is the use case 

- More than 5users will be using this AVD

- Whatever they create a file or any change on the file should not be disappeared or should not be seen by other user

- excel and web browser will only be used in this AVD

- What is the best price(less cost) instance i get with 2core 4gb ram & 100GB HDD or SSD



Can anyone please help on the above


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thank you for your reply. can you suggest exact instance like i have checked the below price calculator is this works or can you suggest the best one

region: west central us
Session : multiple users
Total named users: 25
concurrency:90% & 5%
instace: 2cores,3.5 GB RAM,135GB temporary storage
standard SSD: E10 128 GiB
Data at-rest: i am not sure what is the purpose for this
total cost i am getting as 373$

is this the best which suffices my requirement or can you suggest best instance apart from this
fslogic and profile history of each user will be separately charged or it will be included in above specification