Azure Virtual Desktop - Access for External Users & Multi-Session Functionality

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  1. Access for Users Signed Up via External Website with Microsoft Entra ID:

    • I have set up Azure Virtual Desktop and users are registering as guest users via an external website integrated with Microsoft Entra ID, using their personal emails (like Gmail). After registration, their identities are created in Microsoft Entra ID as external identities. According to my understanding, Azure documentation suggests that external identities might not have access to Azure Virtual Desktop. Is there any method or workaround that allows these users access? Or should I assign a subscription to these users, add them as internal users, and create the AVD in that subscription
  2. Multi-Session Functionality with Non-Multi-Session Images:

    • The image I am currently using in Azure Virtual Desktop (Data science virtual machine ) doesn’t seem to support multi-session capabilities inherently. Is it feasible to enable multi-session connections with this specific image? If this isn't possible, what are the best practices or alternatives for enabling multi-session functionality in Azure Virtual Desktop under these circumstances?
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