Azure SQL Managed Instance(MI) - license-free standby replica feature

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Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding license-free standby replica feature of Azure SQL Managed Instances (MI), where you can save on SQL license cost for secondary MI by enabling this feature and designating secondary for DR use only. I'm planning to implement SQL managed Instance with Failover group and this feature enabled.
Considering license-free standby replica feature of fail-over is currently in preview, will it impact the RTO (1 hour) and RPO (5 sec) committed by Microsoft for failover group?
If no, what is the impact of going ahead with this feature in preview mode?
I checked most of the MS documentation, but unable to get any info.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi All, received response Microsoft that enabling license-free standby replica in preview mode will not impact the RTO and RPO for SQ MI. So this may hep others if anyone is planning to implement SQL MI with failover groups and save license cost