Azure sets new performance benchmarks with SQL Data Warehouse

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As the amount of data grows exponentially, the pressure to quickly harness it for insights to share across the organization also increases rapidly. As Microsoft continues to evolve our analytics portfolio, we are committed to delivering a data warehouse solution that provides a fast, flexible, and secure analytics platform in the cloud.


Today we are excited to announce that Azure SQL Data Warehouse has set new performance benchmarks for cloud data warehousing by delivering at least 2x faster query performance compared to before. The key to this technical innovation is instant data movement, a capability that allows for extremely efficient movement between data warehouse compute nodes. At the heart of every distributed database system is the need to align two or more tables that are partitioned on a different key to produce a final or intermediate result set. Instant data movement in SQL Data Warehouse now accelerates this movement, resulting in faster query performance. You can learn more about how your query performance will improve from this blog.



Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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