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| where ObjectName == "LogicalDisk" and CounterName == "% Free Space" and Computer != "" and Computer != "" and Computer != "" and Computer != "" and Computer != ""
| summarize Free_Space = min(CounterValue) by Computer, InstanceName
| where strlen(InstanceName) == 2 and InstanceName contains ":" and Computer != "" and InstanceName !contains ":E" and Computer != "" and InstanceName !contains ":E" and Computer != "" and InstanceName !contains ":E"

where Free_Space < 15 and Free_Space > 10


I  need assistance with the query above, and Computer != "" and InstanceName !contains ":E" - the query doesn't output any drive for that NH-E2016 , even there is one drive with 11%, c drive, it completely avoids the server.


How can I amend this query where I wanted that server to avoid E drive but monitor other drives with specified percentage.  

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@Arslan11 You put Computer != "" which would avoid this computer completely no matter what you put behind it, I think.


Also, you can create a group in log analytics (go to saved searches, there you can create a search as a group). Eg this is one group I have for servers that I want Critical patches to run upon in another group called EuropeServers:



| where Computer !in (EuropeNonCriticalPatch) and Computer in (EuropeServers)
| distinct Computer


And in the EuropeNonCriticalPatch I have things like:


search "Heartbeat"
| where (Computer == "computerA" or Computer == "computerB" or Computer == "computerC" or Computer == "computerD")
| distinct Computer


So you could create something similar in your case.



Some other ideas, I prefer to reduce the amount of "or"'s and replace with an "in" or "!in"

search "Heartbeat"
| where Computer in ("computerA","computerB","computerC" ,"computerD")
| distinct Computer




let computerList = dynamic(["computerA","computerB","computerC" ,"computerD"]);
search "Heartbeat"
| where Computer in (computerList)
| distinct Computer


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@CliveWatson  thanks my question towards, how can avoid one instance name  not be monitored on a server instead of avoiding all the instance name when using the language specified below


and Computer != "" and InstanceName !contains ":E"