Azure is the best place for analytics

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The confluence of cloud, data, and AI is foundational to innovation and is driving unprecedented change. This week at Spark + AI Summit, we talked about how Microsoft enables organizations to take advantage of Azure to build advanced machine learning models and intelligent applications virtually anywhere.


As Satya mentioned during our Build conference last month, applications will increasingly require a ubiquitous computing fabric from the cloud to the edge. These applications also require new machine learning and AI capabilities that enable them to see, hear and predict. The driving force behind these capabilities is data. Data is vital to every app and experience we build today. Organizations are using their data to extract important insights to drive their businesses forward and engage their customers in new ways. Customers like Renault-Nissan are revolutionizing their customer experience with connected cars. Rockwell Automation, a leader in industrial automation has built predictive maintenance capabilities on their equipment to save time and reduce cost associated with device failure. Liebherr, a leader in manufacturing, produces intelligent refrigerators that use object recognition to recommend grocery lists based on refrigerator contents. These are just a few examples of customers leveraging their data, wherever it exists, to turn it into breakthrough insights. 



Read about it in the Azure blog.

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