Azure IoT supports new security hardware to strengthen IoT security

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Microsoft’s commitment to leadership in IoT security continues with Azure IoT’s improving the level of trust and confidence in securing IoT deployments.  Azure IoT now supports Device Identity Composition Engine (DICE) and many different kinds of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). DICE is an upcoming standard at Trusted Computing Group (TCG) for device identification and attestation which enables manufacturers to use silicon gates to create device identification based in hardware, making security hardware part of the DNA of new devices from the ground up. HSMs are the core security technology used to secure device identities and provide advanced functionality such as hardware-based device attestation and zero touch provisioning.


In addition, Azure IoT team is working with standards organizations and major industry partners to employ latest in security best practices to deploy support for a wide variety of Hardware Secure Modules (HSM).  HSMs offer resistant and resilient hardware root of trust in IoT devices. The Azure IoT platform transparently integrates HSM support with platform services like Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning and Azure IoT Hub Device Management, thereby enabling customers and developers to focus more on identifying specific risks associated with their applications and less on security deployment tactics. 
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