Azure IoT Hub is driving down the cost of IoT

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Customers rely on the Azure IoT Hub service and love the scale, performance, security, and reliability it provides for connecting billions of IoT devices sending trillions of messages. Azure IoT Hub is already powering production IoT solutions across all major market segments including retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, oil and gas, life sciences, smart buildings, and many others. Today, we have a few exciting announcements to make about Azure IoT Hub.


Over the years we’ve noticed that many customers start their IoT journey by simply sending data from devices to the cloud. We refer to this as “device to cloud telemetry,” and it provides a significant benefit. We’ve also noticed that later in their IoT journey most customers realize they need the ability to send commands out to devices, i.e., “cloud to device messaging,” as well as full device management capabilities, so they can manage the software, firmware, and configuration of their devices.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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