Azure HDInsight now supports Apache Spark 2.3

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Apache Spark 2.3.0 is now available for production use on the managed big data service Azure HDInsight. Ranging from bug fixes (more than 1400 tickets were fixed in this release) to new experimental features, Apache Spark 2.3.0 brings advancements and polish to all areas of its unified data platform.


Data engineers relying on Python UDFs get 10 times to a 100 times more speed, thanks to revamped object serialization between Spark runtime and Python. Data Scientist will be delighted by better integration of Deep Learning frameworks like TensorFlow with Spark Machine Learning pipelines. Business Analysts will find liberating availability of fast vectorized reader for ORC file format which finally makes interactive analytics in Spark practical over this popular columnar data format. Developers building real-time applications may be interested in experimenting with new Continuous Processing mode in Spark Structured Streaming which brings event processing latency to millisecond level.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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