Azure File Share Performance Issue

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We recently migrated part of our files to Azure File Share.  We want to fully migrate our apps and files to Azure.

I’m in Vancouver, Canada (west coast) and we tried both the Canada East and Central Azure data centre. Pretty slow access for me but the person that assisted me in Ontario Canada is getting very fast performance (proximity likely). I could choose US West 2 my concern was keeping data in Canada but that’s the closest data centre to me. Have tried it bypassing firewall, same issue. So before I fully migrate this is the primary concern. Does anyone have any thoughts? I have tried accessing it from various different locations with different providers and same problem. A lot of lag and transfer rate is very low. Our internet speed is fine and it's not an issue with the firewall. Our closest data centre with the best speed test is US West 2 but have not tried that yet.  We can't consider fully migrating until performance issue is resolved.  Any thoughts?

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@fjiwa1978i'm facing same issue here in Middle East, even I opened ticket with Microsoft and did all suggested scenarios, but still getting very slow performance. 

@FahedTenawi, can you tell us more about your existing deployment? 

  • Do you use Standard or Premium storage?
  • What kind of files you're exchanging?
  • What protocol do you use to connect to a file share?
  • Did you explore an option to connect via the point-to-site VPN?

The reason I'm asking is that there is a huge difference between the Standard and Premium in terms of IOPS. It'll cost you but Premium would allow increasing the IOPS basing on the storage you're consuming (e.g., 1Tb provisioned = 1000 IOPS, 2Tb = 2000 IOPS, etc.). The throughput there is up to 60MiB/s. Don't see how the file upload can be an issue. It feels like there is an issue with the way you're connecting to a file share (and maybe a share type).