Azure DevOps Rest Project subscriptions

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I'm working on an integration with ADO that uses the Rest API, I'd like to be able to subscribe to project related events, I can see that these notifications appear to be available in the API itself


"id": "ms.vss-tfs.project-created-event",
"name": "",
"url": "",
"eventPublisher": {
"id": "ms.vss-tfs.tfs-event-publisher",
"subscriptionManagementInfo": {
"serviceInstanceType": "00025394-6065-48ca-87d9-7f5672854ef7"
"roles": [],
"supportedScopes": [
"hasInitiator": false,
"customSubscriptionsAllowed": true,
"icon": "",
"color": ""

But there appears to be no documentation on how to subscribe to these events.


The listed subscription events appear to be very limited so I'm wondering if there's some documentation page I have not found yet that explains these extra events

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