Azure DevOps - More than One Build Agent?

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My organisation is using the cloud hosted version of Azure DevOps. We are currently working on building out our CI\CD pipelines. We are trying to speed up the build process by using parallel jobs. I can see from the link below that for private projects, we should be allowed One free parallel job that can run for up to 60 minutes each time and a total of 1800 free minutes per month:


Currently when we run two jobs at the same time they are queued up one after the other rather than in parallel. I believe the issue is that there is only one Microsoft Hosted Build Agent in the Agent Pool. We would much prefer to get a second Microsoft Hosted Build Agent rather than provisioning a self hosted build agent ourselves. Can you get a second Microsoft Hosted Build Agent?

I have used the Microsoft Form referenced in the link above to request an increase in the allowance.



Stephen Mulryan

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