Azure Archive Blob Storage

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Hey folks, Azure Archive Blob Storage has been in public preview for a week now and it is a great storage solution for long-term archiving corporate data. In my latest blog post I explain how to use blob-level tiering and Archive Blob Storage. Happy reading and testing!


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Can anyone comment how long the preview will last??
And whether people will be able to move data from cool to archive status??
Why is rehydrating back to hot/cool required?? Google doesn't make you do this sort of thing, so far as I know. Amazon just makes you wait 17 years to retrieve your Glacier data. :)
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There is no ETA yet but I'm pretty confident that it won't take too long until GA. As soon as Azure Archive Blob Storage is GA I will update my blog post - so stay tuned :)
Sure, people can move data from cool to archive storage tier as this is a core feature of Azure Archive Blob Storage. Rehydrating is required as archive storage tier does not allow direct access to blobs. Archive storage is meant to be a cost-efficient, resilient, and secure storage tier for blobs that need to be stored for long-term periods but that don't need to be accessible immediately. Rehydration is done within hours.