Azure AD - Guest users & My Apps

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Wondering if someone can help me with what I suspect might be an easy question.


Use case: We use Azure AD for Identity.  We need to grant access to partners to resources such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365 (Model Driven App) and Dynamics CRM.  We have no problems in granting access as such, but when my new guest users accept an invitation they are directed to MyApps, which shows no applications.



1. How do I add applications to the portal so that guests "see" our Sharepoint Online site, and Dynamics 365 CRM when they initially "hit" the MyApps portal.

2. We have a Dynamics 365 CE Model Driven App.  How do I achieve "1" for it?

3. How can I direct guest users to My Apps, so that they land on our "My Apps" page (i.e. the one that belongs to their guest account) rather than their home tenant "My Apps".


A relatively small but important issue for us.  I'm an ex-CIO now operating as a one person IT dept for a small, have I learned a lot about nuts and bolts lately :)




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Did you find a solution? It is also our problem

I'm also looking for an answer to this, did you find anything? @StephanGee