AZDO Server 2020 to AZDO 2022: MIgration or upgrade

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I got the task of upgrade a AZDO 2020 (Dev18.M170.6) to latest. Whle i know quite well about AzureDevops, im not quite proficient at server level.

I have 2 servers (w2016) running the app tier, 1 server running Elastic and SQL database in a cluster managed by my DBAs team.


My approach is to end with AZDO 2022 and W2022, but i dont find a good documenation about how to:

1. Perform a migration to new servers.

2. Setup a new elastic server for "indexing"


I wonder if it is possible to setup the new application tier and elastic server and finally point to the current datase.


For an upgrade i will need to upgrade the servers to w2019 first, then upgrade, and then upgrade serves de w2022.


looking forward to heard some ideas,


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