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a) How to Monitor VM that are ASR Protected to understand when they are offline in Primary Region and the DR Team has to enable ASR?
b) Any DR report that provides information on DR performed for a VM in Azure?
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Hello @Admin O365 


ASR can send its diagnostic data to Log Analytics from there you can see status and messages etc...


See docs: 


| where OperationName startswith "AzureSiteRecoveryEvent"
| extend parseJSON = parse_json(healthErrors_s)
| summarize  count() by OperationName , ResourceProvider, affectedResourceName_s, tostring(parseJSON.[0].errorMessage) 

You can run this query in the demo workspace from here  


Which produces this output 


Annotation 2019-05-14 193614.png



Is it possible to create a query to see Daily data change rate like you can see on the Azure UI Portal,  I can't find a value/variable to use, thanks.


The example fails on my workspace but works ok in the Azure demo

Query data change rate (churn) and upload rate for an Azure VM

See link   (see also screenshot enclosed of error)



I don't seem to be able to open your error file (will try again later); do you have the data it requires?


| where TimeGenerated > ago(24h)   
| where Category in ("AzureSiteRecoveryProtectedDiskDataChurn", "AzureSiteRecoveryReplicationDataUploadRate")   
| extend CategoryS = case(Category contains "Churn", "DataChurn", Category contains "Upload", "UploadRate", "none")  


Do you see all required Columns?


Perhaps, try this, and send us the results (if the data is ok to share)?





That's for quick reply, I tried the code you sent and I don't get any output at all, what I am trying to output is the value of disk change that you can see in the "Azure Recovery Vault" were it lists all the replicated items, it shows :

Name >> Rep. Health >> Status >> Rep.Policy >> RPO >> Daily data change rate >> IP >> Rep Errors


I am trying to output the "Daily data change rate" but cannot find a way to do this?


So far I have the below which works ok, but missing the "data change rate" info


| where replicationProviderName_s == "InMageAzureV2"
| where TimeGenerated > ago(24h)
| where isnotempty(name_s) and isnotnull(name_s) and isnotnull(replicationHealth_s)
| project VMName = name_s , Replication_Health = replicationHealth_s, Status = protectionState_s , RPO_in_Minutes = rpoInSeconds_d / 60 * 1h , RPO = lastRpoCalculatedTime_t , Health_Errors = healthErrors_s , policyName_s 
Really appreciate your help on this, thank in advance. :)







Sorry I don't have a lot of ASR data, and nothing in that last query looks like an integer we can use to work out data change/ rate/ churn etc...