Andruino R2, a cloud robots using Azure iot (ROS to Azure iot interface)

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Andruino R2 using Azure iot hub to collect and publish robot's sensor data on a Web. 

Datas sensor come from a ROS topic.




Andruino R2 is an open educational low-cost (components about 35€/USD) modular and extendable mobile robot based on Android and Arduino, integrated in the cloud, to be used as an educational tool in labs and classrooms of STEM, ICT vocational training or engineering courses, as well as in e-learning or MOOC courses as an alternative or, complementary, to virtual labs and soft robotics simulation. It is a first step introducing what we call “BYOR: Bring Your Own Robot” education policy equivalent to “BYOD: Bring your own devices”. Andruino it is powerful but easy to construct and extremely low cost, as it is based in the student's smartphone. Andruino R2 is compatible with ROS (Robot Operating System) and with iot clouds and try to bring deep learning and other advanced techniques to the STEM's and VET's classrooms.

Author: @andruinos License: CC-BY-SA


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