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Hello Team,


AD Azure question: I would like to compare what can we do for Azure AD in versus old portal. Do i understand correctly that still most of the features are not migrated (to GUI) ?

Is there any comparison for Active Directory services ?


For example in old portal when adding a new user i could choose multiple types (example directory, external etc), now i can not and i can add only user which belongs to my managed domains (directory). Could you please confirm that ?


What if i will use powershell or Azure CLI to add any other types of users to "RM" ? Will i see it in GUI ?




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you should avoid the classic portal if at all possible, i actually don't believe there is anything left that you can only do in the old portal. the new portal can display and deploy both ASM and ARM resources (Please avoid ASM resources, when possible).

The external user function you refer to is now "Guest User" you can add these accounts to your AAD and then grant them permissions. i would use the portal to assign permissions and remove the old classic permissions.

there is no comparison guide as they moving more and more to the new portal and Microsoft encourages not using the old portal if possible(Its still supported).

you also have if you only need to do AD tasks.

Anything you deploy via CLI and powershell will be shown in the new portal