Access to File Share on Azure VM from macOS

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I am currently setting up an SMB share from an Azure VM (joined to AADDS domain) which needs to be accessed by users on macOS.


I have the VM created and joined to the AADDS domain

I have security groups created and added to the NTFS permissions on the shared folder
Required users have then been added to the security group

When trying to access the Share from the VM, users cannot authenticate using their account from AADDS. Looking in the event log on the server, it shows a failed audit stating unknown username or incorrect password.


I can successfully connect from another VM (also AADDS joined) using the credentials, just not from macOS.


The macOS devices have tried from the office with a Site-to-Site VPN to the Azure services as well as a Certificate Based Point-to-Site VPN connection, both yield the same incorrect username/password errors in the event log.


Does anyone know how to get macOS clients to open an SMB Share from a Windows Server VM in Azure?



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