Unable to Run NVD on Android Using RD for Android

Unable to Run NVD on Android Using RD for Android



 Aug 11 2023

I am unable to run NVD on a Samsung Android tablet using RD for Android.


I have tried the following Samsung devices: Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and Galaxy Tab S9.  I get the same results on all of them. 


Start RD for Android

Add a workspace using my FS email

Authenticate using my GFUD PW and MS Authenticator for 2FA

Select the NVD instance in my workspace

Authenticate again using my FS GFUD

It runs through start up process then kicks me back to the workspace screen showing my NVD instance and does not bring up the NVD.


I have gotten it to work via the NVD web portal. 


Here are my thoughts as to a possible cause.


I believe it may be a conflict with Samsung DeX. It seems to work with non-DeX enabled devices (i.e. Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy Tab A devices). Samsung DeX is essentially a type of VM. It provides a laptop/desktop like GUI when a DeX enabled device is connected to a monitor or TV.