Time wrong in Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Time wrong in Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac



 Jul 03 2023
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Issue in version 10.8.4 where time in remote desktop is one hour behind local time (Melbourne, Australia). Time and time zone are correct on the Mac but wrong in the Remote Desktop. 

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I experience the same issue, in the same manner @mp1992.


I'm adding here some of the description I wrote up for another report of this same issue: 


Hi, I have the same problem which appeared only after the recent update to 10.8.4 - everything else on the mac remains unchanged (in terms of updates - ie no MacOS updates performed since MRD client 10.8.4 was automatically installed).


I find I need to 'toggle' or 'flick' the 'Adjust for daylight saving time automatically' button to update the time, however this only temporarily corrects the problem and it resets to the incorrect time if my remote machine locks due to inactivity (I work across both PC on AVD and Mac applications and switch between the two, sometimes resulting in my AVD PC locking the screen).


I find 'most' of my applications on the AVD use server-based time, so the time I make entries are centrally timed, BUT I have found that some Outlook appointments are affected by the local machine time and have caused some scheduling problems.  This is particularly apparent when sending invites to parties outside my organisation.

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This is so inept, but is typical of all of the development of this latest generation of Remote Desktop. The Windows version can't remember which monitors to use, the Mac version can't even get the time correct. It seems that the team owning this app are incompetent.

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And after two months still no update… unbelievable