Stop responding to cmd + W in a Remote Desktop session

Stop responding to cmd + W in a Remote Desktop session



 Jul 28 2023
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As a MacOS user, I'm used to use this hot key to close a browser tab, but by default this key combination stops current Remote Desktop session immediately. 

As a result, trying to close a browser tab inadvertently kills my current session and I have to log in again.

Can we please stop responding to this key combination? 

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Please for the love of god!!! I keep doing this, drives me MAD. Why not provide the option to just swap command for ctrl entirely?

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Why was this even implemented? It seems to be the one and only super common key combo that's overridden for a host-level function. It makes sense for - e.g. a browser tab, which I open & close often, but who's got 10 different RDP connections open at once & is constantly needed to close & open new ones? Why was a keyboard shortcut needed here at all?

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I found a hack to do this — I configured cmd-W to Edit > Copy instead of Close Window, but only in Remote Desktop — with a custom keyboard shortcut as described here:


You could assign it to something other than Copy, but that seemed pretty benign to me.