Remote Desktop on macOS client not supporting multiple workspaces

Remote Desktop on macOS client not supporting multiple workspaces



 Jan 04 2022
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Current version of the Remote Desktop for Mac (Version 10.7.3 (1966) is not supporting multiple workspaces to subscribe to. The windows version of the client do support it. When will this feature be available n the Mac client as well.


Currently you have unsubscribe and subscribe again to switch between Azure Virtual Desktop Workspaces. This is not practical when you need to switch often between two workspaces.

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Please provide this functionality, as I work for multiple organisations and need to be able to use multiple workspaces.

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Status changed to: Planned

Hi @remcodwigo4it,

Thank you for your feedback, the engineering team is aware and has planned to implement this functionality. We will provide the community with updates!

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It is now May 2022, I am running 10.7.6 version of Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac OS 12.3.1 and multiple workspaces is supported. Looks like this has gone beyond the planned state and can be retired as a suggestion.

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Version 10.7.6 (1972) on MacOS 10.15.7 still gives me an error when I try to create a workspace for AVD access in different Azure tenants. The error message being:  "You're already subscribed to this workspace", showing the complete URL including the tenant uuid.

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OK. This is the most stupid tip that I can give you, but it was so frustrating, that I want to share with you. If you've got only two feeds to subscribe - download standard version of Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Beta. That way you can use two separate accounts. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!

@smaug_ca1520how it is supported? I cannot add new workspace from different tenant, I've got message, that I'm already subscribed using feed. If I try to open RDPW file produced by Azure it gives me an error, and it all seems to be issue of RD not able to use more than one MS account at same time.

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@orchee Well, although indeed a bit "stupid", it is great to know that I can at least work around this issue for a second tenant. Thanks!


Please get this fixed ASAP for the Mac client, Microsoft!

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Still not supported in 10.7.9. Any updates on ETA?

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Hi Microsoft.  This "Remote Desktop" tool does one thing: connect to clients.  I have about 5 clients.  I have been moving them to Azure.  I am also a "Mac" user.  The inability of this RDS tool to connect to multiple clients (because I can only supply one active profile at-a-time) is an exceedingly difficult limitation and adds a lot of weight in potentially referring my clients to other clouds.  Please fix this ASAP.  It is not a "feature" it is a "bug".  This limitation is as egregious as saying I can only connect to remote fileshares accessible for a single user profile at any given time without re-logging in as a different user.

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It's now Feb 2023 and we are STILL waiting for the standard multi-workspace functionality to be made available on the Mac version of MS Remote Destktop app.


Waiting.... waiting....


As mentioned by @tradegear, this is a bug.

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it is now December 23 and Microsoft has clearly given up.  In its typical fashion - now we have another app -- "Windows App" which will probably take 2 more years in testing before everyone can have what is supposed to be a simple bug fix... 🤦🏻‍:male_sign: