Remote Desktop - Long Startup Delay

Remote Desktop - Long Startup Delay



 May 26 2022

Hello, I'm using Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS (M1 Mac Mini). Overall I think it's the best app for connecting remotely to a Windows PC. However, one issue is it takes a very long time to connect—typically an entire minute or longer.

The Windows laptop I'm connecting to is the latest release of Windows 10 Pro (I always install updates within 72 hours of release). This is an HP i7 laptop with 16GB or RAM running on the same Wi-Fi network. I also log into Windows and make sure everything is fully initialized and no other apps are running before attempting the RDP connection. Meanwhile, the Mac I'm connecting from also has 16GB of RAM with memory pressure in the green zone and CPU utilization below 10% in Activity Monitor.

Any idea why it's taking so long to initialize?

Microsoft Remote Desktop version 10.7.6 (1972)

P.S. I submitted feedback here by selecting Help -> Submit Feedback from within the macOS Remote Desktop app. I don't know why that link took me here to the Azure Virtual Desktop section.