Remote Desktop for Mac file move bug

Remote Desktop for Mac file move bug



 Nov 03 2021
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Hi, I seem to have found a bug for Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac (10.7.0 (1933)). Or possibly Windows 10 (up to date as of today)? I frequently need to copy a file to Windows, do some work on it, then I will move (not copy!) the file back. I am remoted into my Windows 10 PC using a Mac with the RDP app. When I move the file back to my Mac (I have a folder mapped in RDP) using Windows 10 it somehow changes the file modified date to the year 2076.


This very specifically happens only when MOVING a file over an existing file. It is repeatable using different files. It does not happen when moving a file from my Mac to Windows. Just from Windows to Mac.


Thanks, hoping this is the correct venue for pointing out a bug.

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We have this same problem, but the date ends with 2038.