Remote Desktop Android

Remote Desktop Android



 Aug 28 2023
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Hi, you made really great app, everything works, but:

1) Please make list of desktops without previews, I have ~15 desktops added and really tired of scrolling. Turned off preview, but it just shows no image with really large font

2) When disconnecting from remote it jumps to the top of the list, so need to scroll down to find again. Please make it stay on last position when disconnect.



3) I have galaxy s9 and clipboard is not syncronized. Copying text, links is not working.

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I agree that the app is nice but I also have two suggestions:


The three icon tray on top is sometimes interfering with applications control, it would be great to have the option to hide it.


When opening a .rdp link, the option enablecredsspsupport:i:0 for interactive login is not supported, which is inconsistent with the Desktop application.

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Please make it optional for the connection to try to reconnect if dropped.  When I am connected via my phone, them go to my physical computer and log in, I get signed out because the connection on my phone reconnected!!  I want it to not try to reconnect.  So please make the Android app have an option to reconnect if connection is lost!