RDP Client macOS: Problem reading files in redirected folders

RDP Client macOS: Problem reading files in redirected folders



 Nov 10 2021
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RDP Client 10.7.1 directed me to this forum, I do not know if this is correct.


My customers have problems using the following setup:
- Windows Server (e.g. 2019 Datacenter)
- RDP Client for macOS 10.7.1 (or any 10.x version)
- macOS 10.13 .. 12 (up to Monterey)
RDP is used for a Windows application which has a file-based data interface to an app (my company's app) on the Mac. The exchange folder is a folder on the Mac and redirected by RDP. This setup used to work fine with RDP Client 8.0.44 or before, but since RDP 10.x the Windows application has trouble to read the files from that folder. The app is supposed to read a csv file and accompanying TIFF files from a subfolder. The sync log says it cannot read these TIFFs. Until recently I recommended to use the old RDP 8.0.x client, but it does not work on Monterey any more.
The strange thing is that I can copy all the Mac-generated files to a folder on the Windows machine using Windows Explorer, and then the application can read the files. So they are not corrupted.
I found similar problem postings on the web, for example, this one.
Unfortunately I do not have access to the source code of the Windows App (a vertical market health application), but the developers told me they use CreateFile and CopyFile API calls.

Is there anything you can point me at?


Thank you.

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We will investigate this issue and keep you updated.