RDP Client Access Rights Camera and Microphone - allow "Deny"

RDP Client Access Rights Camera and Microphone - allow "Deny"



 Nov 24 2021

When the RDP app is installed and started the first time on a Mac it demands access rights for Camera and Microphone with only "Continue".


For security reasons this is a "No"-Option - as we use RDP Sessions normally only to access Servers and not for doing Web-Chats a.s.o, so it should be valid to deny this access right.

Forcing to switch this on with the hint one could switch it off in the Security settings later, is no good path. It shall be off - so no reason to switch it on first.

The Point to explicitly allow something is there for a reason and hence it must be allowed to deny it.


That is the same as with programs that demand Location services to be 'on' only to store images. If I do not want to have my images "located" it must be allowed to use it with Location Services = Off


In my opinion, this is a bad habit that has arisen, to demand things from users that are definitely not needed for normal operation.


Regards, Peter