Nov 15 2021
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Good morning, I went though a lot of reviews looking for a solution but I didn’t find anything related to this issue so I decided to contact you guys and ask for help.


I’ve been using this app (Microsoft Remote Desktop) on my Ipad for a long time, but now that I got a new Ipad (software version 14.8.1 ) I am getting this error: “Unable to connect, Error code 0x204”


This issue happens only when I am connected via VPN using T-Mobile network. When using VPN on a WiFi network it works perfectly, it also works fine when used via WiFi within the same network where my computer is connected here in my office.

(I also tried on my Iphone and same situation, same error message under the same conditions, it doesn’t work on T-Mobile network via VPN )


The bad (or good)  thing is that everything works perfectly on my “old Ipad” no issues at all, it works everywhere on any of those conditions mentioned above, the software version of my old Ipad is 12.5.5


Any ideas on how to make it work on my new Ipad Air 4th Generation?


Thanks in advance.



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We will investigate this issue and keep you updated.



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There shouldn't be anything specific to the RD client running on your old iPad's software vs your new iPad's software that would affect error code 0x204. Is this error reproducible? Or has it just happened a couple times?


Good morning, thanks for your prompt reply and yes, it is happening all the time, I mean, RD Client on T-Mobile is not working at all on any of the 5 new Ipads we just purchase for some executives. I have to insist: RD works perfectly when I am connected to WiFi within our network and also when using VPN on an external WiFi network but it doesn't work when there is no Wifi just the T-Mobile data network, which is when is most needed. The VPN connects fine but when RD is open the error shows.

The "old" Ipad works fine all the time in all scenarios described below. I have both here with me we can test at any moment.