Problems with RD client (Android) on Chromebook

Problems with RD client (Android) on Chromebook



 Mar 28 2022
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I normally use different remote desktop apps on Chromebook and I find this one is still not very usable. Please see some issues I notice:

- Slow mouse: When using the RDP client, it feels like you are dragging the mouse with less speed than the real desktop and my Chromebook. Not the best of experiences.

- Speed when writing is also very slow. Many times that I am writing, I have to wait a second or 2 for the word to get written and continue. This is really annoying if you write a lot. I've used other RDP rools like Remmina in Linux and it does not have these problems. I was expecting more of the official Microsoft RDP client.

It would be great if you could address these issues. I'd definitely be using this app a lot more.

Thank you!

Hi @juanma445 ,

Thanks for the feedback. What Chromebook are you using? It will be hard for us to repro this bug, can you attach a video/screen capture of the slow mouse/typing occurring?