Problem with rdp:// protocol handler in MacOS Sonoma

Problem with rdp:// protocol handler in MacOS Sonoma



 Oct 04 2023
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with the new Sonoma update, the Microsoft Remote Desktop MacOS app can't be opened with the classic rdp protocol handler. This seems to happend only when the full%20address param includes the protocol port (ex.

open -W -a "/Applications/Microsoft Remote" rdp://full%20address=s:host.subdomain.domain:52328)


Error received:

Unable to interpret 'rdp://full%20address=s:host.subdomain.domain:52328' as a path or URL

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I have the same issue


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Has anyone found a work around for this?  It is very frustrating this seems to break for months after doing an OS update.

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Not yet @l337Vader. This behaviour prevents us to release our internal project.

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This isn't an issue with Remote Desktop, so MS won't be able to fix it.  The issue is that the 'open' command in Sonoma has stricter URL validation that doesn't accept the ':'  characters in the URI parameters.  Try this:


open -W -a "/Applications/Microsoft Remote" -u 'rdp://full%20address=s%3Ahost.subdomain.domain%3A52328'


I put the URL in single quotes, and added -u in front to make sure the open command knows to treat this as a URL. Then I replaced the : characters in the parameters (not in 'rdp://') with %3A which is the url encoding string for ':'.


I believe only the last step was strictly necessary for this to work, but I get pedantic...

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@ghstwhl Thank you it works! :happyface: