Navigation bar hides remote desktop in Android app

Navigation bar hides remote desktop in Android app



 Feb 23 2023
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The newest RD Client Android App ( has the following issue (manifests at least on Android 12 on Fairphone 4):


If I have a remote desktop open and I start writing text on a physical keyboard, the Android navigation bar opens at the bottom of the screen, covering some of the remote desktop (typically the Windows task bar). To make the task bar visible again and hide the scrolling icon in the center, I need to press the back button on the navigation bar. This happens both on the phone screen and when connecting to an external display and using the experimental Android desktop mode. This heavily reduces the usability of the Android app for any full-screen remote desktop usage. It would be great if you could inhibit the navigation bar opening when using a physical keyboard (the phone settings do not have an option to force this).


This behavior would not be so bad if I could set the resolution to have larger aspect ratio, so that I would have unused bars at the top and the bottom of the screen that would be covered by the navigation bar instead of the actual remote desktop view. However, this is not currently possible: in the "Customize display resolution" menu in the options, I can only select from a predefined selection of resolutions, all matching the aspect ratio of my device. Please make it possible to freely select the width and the height of the resolution and use aspect ratio-aware scaling.

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I got exact problem

Plz help

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I have the same issue. It works fine with RD Client version 8 (the old version). Please fix

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Can someone from Microsoft relay this to the dev Team. I find it silly that it RD Client version 8 works and not the latest version.

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Looks like it is only happening if you us Gboard as default keyboad

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Dear team, Please resolve it. I also have the same issue. This literally is effecting my productivity.


If I knew this issue I wouldn't have bought my Xiaomi Tab 6.