Nasty bugs in new Remote Desktop for Mac

Nasty bugs in new Remote Desktop for Mac



 Dec 24 2021
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Re v10.7.3 (1966) running on macOS Big Sur on M1 (Apple Silicon) MacBook Air.


1. Running RD no longer shows as running in the Dock. No longer possible to switch remote desktops, or do anything except quit to launch a different remote desktop.


2. Settings has Dock operation set to "Automatically hide and show the Dock" OFF. But when RD is running, Dock hides and shows, very irritating. This happened in previous RD versions also.


3. This update has a "trash can" to delete a desktop, on the main desktop thumbnail. Really Bad Idea. Only under the "..." is far safer, as fast power users could easily delete by accident.


4. Last thing: why can't the "Saved PCs" group be deleted or renamed? This is ridiculous - ALL PCs, in any group, are Saved PCs.


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Hi @ObjectivePathology ,

Thank you for the feedback.

For #1, we cannot reproduce your issue please provide more specific steps and/or a screen capture of the experience

For #2, are you using a Remote Desktop or Remote App in this scenario?

For #4, do you have suggestions for a name that is more intuitive for you than "Saved PCs"? as we some default place for all PCs that are created to be stored. 


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@js351 thanks for the reply... comments below are now re latest version (1968) on Monterey on Apple M1 chip. Not sure about elsewhere.


#1. Appears to be fine now, but I have upgraded both macOS and RD since the comment.


#2. I had set my Dock as always visible ("System Preferences -> Dock & Menu Bar > Automatically hide and show the Dock" set to off) and yet when I was in a RD session the Dock exhibited hide and show behaviour - the opposite of my preference setting. HOWEVER - I've looked again, and this is only in full-screen mode; windowed mode is fine; and in fact I can't see how you could permanently show the Dock in full-screen mode as it would obscure the Windows bottom bar, so please ignore this issue, my error. I do find it irritating but I can't recommend an alternative, such is life.


#3 is not a bug, rather a comment on a design issue I believe you might reconsider. Deletion is a pretty severe operation, and have it so accessible on what is essentially a permanent portal for many users, is a bit intrusive and potentially very troublesome. It's already available under the "..." icon, personally I think that is sufficient and far safer. In fact the same really goes for the edit icon as well.


#4. Yes you certainly need an initial default place for the desktops to be saved into. But the name "Saved PCs" becomes wrong the instant you create a second group, because they are saved PCs too. The default name is just fine to start... but why are all group names editable _except_ "Saved PCs"?








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Hi @ObjectivePathology ,

Thank you for the feedback, it has been passed onto the engineering team. If there are any updates related to this specific thread, we will let you know.