MSRDC 10.7.2

MSRDC 10.7.2



 Dec 19 2021

Hi, since MSRDC 10.7.2 update on Mac it seems like the client makes RDP Gateway connections using legacy mode by default while it used to use web socket by default, there is any way to set the client to make connection using web socket via RDP file? or other setting?(couldn't find a way), also while using the legacy mode on my RDP Gateway(propionate), it seems like the handshake successful and the connection made successfully but after entering my credentials it sometimes stuck on configure remote PC and sometimes it success but I get black screen, I didn't test my legacy implementation for quite a while so maybe I need to make some adjustments to make it work again, maybe you have some thoughts on that too?

Thanks a lot.

I am using Mac Version 12.0.1