Middle Mouse Clicks/Drags for Mac and IOS Remote Desktop

Middle Mouse Clicks/Drags for Mac and IOS Remote Desktop



 Apr 07 2024
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I am a long time Microsoft Remote Desktop user from Mac and IOS clients.  I access RD sessions running on Windows machines, often to use CAD programs which rely heavily on middle mouse button clicks and drags.  I have found that if I use a bluetooth three button mouse in these situations, it typically works.  But using the trackpad device and/or standard (Mac) two button mice are not able to use middle mouse clicks and drags which severely limits interaction with these programs.

It would be great if there were a way to simulate middle mouse clicks and drags in these situations.  I could see mapping of simultaneous right/left button clicking and dragging would help for two button mice.   But not for trackpads.  Trackpads seem to support two finger drags to simulate mouse wheel input, but two finger taps do not simulate middle clicks, nor does two finger click + drag simulate middle mouse click/drags.  Perhaps an ability to map Ctrl/Shift/Option/Cmd + Left or Right mouse clicks and drags (or trackpad clicks and drags) would provide this functionality in all cases?  However I do note that these CAD applications often use modifier keys in COMBINATION with middle mouse clicks and drags, so I am not sure how well this would work if supported in Remote Desktop Connections.

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