MacOS - Pin to Menu Bar & Key mapping

MacOS - Pin to Menu Bar & Key mapping



 Feb 22 2022

Absolutely love the little hidden feature "pin to menu bar", but this would be even better if you removed the icon from the dock when selecting this option. 

In MacOS the dock just get way too busy, so adding icons to the menu bar and removing them from the dock makes things so much nicer to a user experience. 


Thank you so much for now supporting MacOS shortcuts fully (copy'n'paste, select all etc).

If at all possible, can we have a choice to complete the mapping by removing the "windows key" mapping from the command key. 

This way users can use command + right arrow to jump to the end of the line, instead of it fitting the window into the right half of the desktop. 

It is also missing option+arrow key support for jumping between words.