macOS Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 10.8.4 - time zone incorrect after update

macOS Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 10.8.4 - time zone incorrect after update



 Jul 03 2023
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After updating to 10.8.4 the time zone does not reflect what is set on the local machine. It is out by an hour earlier.

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Hi @james730,

To troubleshoot this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check local machine time zone: Ensure that the time zone is set correctly on the local machine. Go to "System Preferences" > "Date & Time" > "Time Zone" and verify that the correct time zone is selected.

  2. Check remote machine time zone: Confirm that the time zone is set correctly on the remote machine you are connecting to using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. Check the time zone settings on the remote machine and adjust if necessary.

  3. Reset Microsoft Remote Desktop Client preferences: Quit the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client and navigate to the following location: ~/Library/Containers/ Locate the file and move it to the desktop or another location as a backup. Then, relaunch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client and see if the time zone issue persists.

    The error may be related to Updated time zone redirection to account for some daylight savings scenarios in the new Microsoft Remote Desktop App update.


    I hope it helps to resolve your issue.
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    Leon Pavesic

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Hi @LeonPavesic,


1. I verified the time zone on the local machine is correct.


2. I checked the time zone on the remote machine using the w32tm command. The following output is from the macOS client, and I notice everything is correct except for the boundary M D and DoW, and the daylight bias value.


H:\>w32tm /tz
Time zone: Current:TIME_ZONE_ID_DAYLIGHT Bias: -570min (UTC=LocalTime+Bias)
  [Standard Name:"Cen. Australia Standard Time" Bias:0min Date:(M:9 D:5 DoW:6)]
  [Daylight Name:"Cen. Australia Daylight Time" Bias:60min Date:(M:4 D:1 DoW:6)]


Here is output from the RDP client on a Windows machine. Notice everything is the same as above but the M D DoW and bias values are different. These are the correct boundary values.


H:\>w32tm /tz
Time zone: Current:TIME_ZONE_ID_STANDARD Bias: -570min (UTC=LocalTime+Bias)
  [Standard Name:"Cen. Australia Standard Time" Bias:0min Date:(M:4 D:1 DoW:0)]
  [Daylight Name:"Cen. Australia Daylight Time" Bias:-60min Date:(M:10 D:1 DoW:0)]



3. I removed the file from the path and this did not change the time zone after re opening the client.




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I experience the same issue, in the same manner @james730 (& @LeonPavesic ).  Thank you though @LeonPavesic for the suggestion.


I'm adding here some of the description I wrote up for another report of this same issue: 


Hi, I have the same problem which appeared only after the recent update to 10.8.4 - everything else on the mac remains unchanged (in terms of updates - ie no MacOS updates performed since MRD client 10.8.4 was automatically installed).


I find I need to 'toggle' or 'flick' the 'Adjust for daylight saving time automatically' button to update the time, however this only temporarily corrects the problem and it resets to the incorrect time if my remote machine locks due to inactivity (I work across both PC on AVD and Mac applications and switch between the two, sometimes resulting in my AVD PC locking the screen).


I find 'most' of my applications on the AVD use server-based time, so the time I make entries are centrally timed, BUT I have found that some Outlook appointments are affected by the local machine time and have caused some scheduling problems.  This is particularly apparent when sending invites to parties outside my organisation.

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Just adding to the choir here, We are having the same issue on 10.8.4 with our mac users.

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Having the same issue on 10.8.4 using MacBook Pro. Another user also advised of the same issue after updating to this version. 

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Have customers with the same issue. They are on the latest MacOS and latest RDP client. and they have the same issue. We need to keep going into adjust daylight time on the server and then it fixes the issue for that session. But this is now very annoying for customers. Can Microsoft fix this with an update to the client or work with Apple as it could be the latest Apple MacOS update as well. 

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Same issue occurring with some of our clients that have updated/installed this version. Is there any news of a fix from MS? It is causing issues on our (and I am sure many other) networks.

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Same issue here have multiple customers logging tickets to this exact issue, please fix this urgently Microsoft devs.

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Is there anyway we can downgrade the version of the app for MacOS?


Thank you,

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One of the developers have replied to a comment on the App Store, that there will be a fix released in version 10.9.0. When that version is released, I have no idea...


You can download the beta version here

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This is so inept, but is typical of all of the development of this latest generation of Remote Desktop. The Windows version can't remember which monitors to use, the Mac version can't even get the time correct. It seems that the team owning this app are incompetent.


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Can confirm that v10.9.0 has just released on the app store for us, and it has fixed the issue for our customers.

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Hi @AmolM, thank you for the heads-up this morning.  I just checked my Remote Desktop version, and it too is 10.9.0 and I have not experienced the time zone issue so far today.


Thank you to all other contributors to this post.  I hope you've also seen an improvement on your systems or system users.  Certainly happy to hear back if others are still facing the same issue while running MacOS 13.5.1 on the new remote desktop version.

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Is there any sign of a fix for this issue on iOS? A lot of our clients are experiencing the bug since the clocks went back last week.

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Hi @RichardIkosoft,


A feed has been created for the time zone issue on iOS here


I've explained what the techincal issue is, so hopefully there is a fix soon.