Linux Desktop Support for Remote Desktop Client

Linux Desktop Support for Remote Desktop Client



 Jan 28 2022
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The idea is to support Linux desktops like Ubuntu and Fedora. Currently, only the web client is available for Linux, but many features are not available.

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A bootable client os, or linux client, maybe Raspberry Pi, Chrome OS, or TV Sticks compatible, try VR soon.

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A native client for Linux would make it much easier to RDP into my VDI.

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Have you tried FreeRDP? It works very well on Linux!

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@Nexarian To open .rdpw files, FreeRDP and Remmina don't work. It has to be a AVD client and they just don't support it at the moment.

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Why not offer an Open Source client, Microsoft? Or, better yet, add to existing RDP solutions code that allows RDPW support so we don't have to install more than one tool to handle remote desktop connections? Thanks in advance.

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Please create a Linux supported version - you have it all - for mobile, for web, for Mac, for everything - except Linux - any AppImage, anything would do.


Please, you are getting bigger and bigger in the open source community, we have WSL now and other stuff, help us and release a Linux version